Macario Heimer Morgenstern is the son of Timothy Morgenstern and Remilia de Valmency, and the older brother to Frederick, Eric, Maxwell, and Nathan.

Macario fathered one daughter named Leuce Aslaug with his deceased wife, Ahès de Valmency.

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  • Macario is the Spanish form of the Latin name Macarius, derived from the Greek name Μακαριος (Makarios), which was in turn derived from Greek μακαρ (makar) meaning "blessed, happy". This was the name of several early saints.
  • Heimer is of North German origin: from the personal name Heimbert, composed of the Germanic elements heim ‘(farm) house’, ‘home’ + berht ‘bright’, ‘illustrious’. His was also the foster father to the shieldmaiden Brynhildr and later to her daughter Aslaug.
  • Morgenstern is a German surname derived from the Middle German words "morgen", meaning "morning", and "stern", meaning "star".

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