Mars Charlot Morgenstern Malandro de Castera is the youngest child to River de Castera and Michael Morgenstern, and the younger twin brother to Sasha and the younger brother to Manon "Marquita" and Giovanni "Julio".

Mars was chosen because Michael and River likes the name. Charlot was chosen to also honor his mother maternal uncle Charlot Malandro who was also a mentor to his father and a close father figure due to not having one his whole life.

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Mars and Sasha introduction as two little babies shown then to be energetic, troublemakers even more then there older siblings Milan, Manon, and Julio. Often using there cuteness to get out of trouble with the adult around them.

Mars is the quieter one out of the two though, sleeping more then his twin and causing less trouble though if given enough reason he will happily help his brother destroy or cause mayhem.

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Mars like his identical twin brother Sasha takes after their mother's side of the family having curly black hair which they inherited from there maternal grandfather Leon. The twin also have complete heterochromia iridum with Mars's right eye being emerald green and his left eye being sapphire blue.

The twins also inherited there mother's tan skin and having there mother's cat-like eyes with long spider leg-like eyelashes which causes some people to mistake them for girls.

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  • Concilium: Mars can control the minds of others with targets being completely subject to their mental control.
  • Transmutation: Mars can easily change the form and appearance of an object, animal, or person at will and unlike his fellow witches who have trouble doing so she doesn't. 
  • Aura Reading: He can perceive and read auras, normally invisible fields of energy that surround every living thing, this can be used to sense emotions, health status, power levels, or the target's moral alignment.
  • Strength Manipulation: He has the ability manipulate the strength of oneself or others, turning a weakling into a very strong person and vice versa, manipulate material strength and can make other objects weaker or stronger, etc.
    • Strength Concentration: Mars can focus his strength into a point of his body, allowing him to cause massive amount of damage, lift heavy objects, etc.
    • Strength Augmentation: He can enhance the physical strength of himself or others' so that they can reach high level mastery and control instantaneously, even reach a level of strength that is usually beyond their limits alone. River cannot steal or give power, only enhance the ones their targets already have.

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  • Potion Making: Mars can create potions: substances with magical properties such as enhancing physical and mental abilities, healing, granting powers, chancing shape, or bewitching someone depending on the kind of potion that is made.

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Etymology Edit

  • Mars is possibly related to Latin mas "male" (genitive maris). In Roman mythology Mars was the god of war, often equated with the Greek god Ares. This is also the name of the fourth planet in the solar system.
  • Charlot is French form of Charles is from the Germanic name Karl, which was derived from a Germanic word meaning "man". However, an alternative theory states that it is derived from the common Germanic name element hari meaning "army, warrior".
  • Morgenstern is a German surname derived from the Middle German words "morgen", meaning "morning", and "stern", meaning "star".
  • Malandra comes from Malandragem is a Portuguese term for a lifestyle of idleness, fast living and petty crime, traditionally celebrated in samba lyrics, especially those of Noel Rosa and Bezerra da Silva. The exponent of this lifestyle, the malandro (masculine adjective), or "bad boy" (rogue, hustler, rascal, scoundrel), has become significant to Brazilian national identity as a folk hero or, rather, an anti-hero. It is common in Brazilian literature, Brazilian cinema and Brazilian music.
  • de Castera means "from Castera", Castera comes from Le Castéra a commune in Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France. River shares this surname with Jean-Claude Castera (born 1939) is a Haitian painter born in Pétion-Ville, a wealthy suburb of Port-au-Prince, Castera was educated in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He typically paints abstract scenes and women.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the databook(s):
    • Mars hobbies are designing clothes and book collecting.
    • Mars favorite foods are tempura bowl and onigiri; while her least favorite food is bitter flavoring foods.
    • Mars favorite pastimes are eating his mom's food.
    • His favorite animals are wolves.
    • His favorite flowers are  
    • Mars can sleep up to
    • His average bath time is  
    • His favorite artist is  
  • He is associated with the Minor Arcana card Four of Cups.